Welcome to Engel & Völkers Franchise

Invest in your future success and become a franchise partner

Welcome to Engel & Völkers Franchise

Invest in your future success and become a franchise partner

Welcome to Engel & Völkers Franchise

Invest in your future success and become a franchise partner

Welcome to Engel & Völkers Franchise

Invest in your future success and become a franchise partner
Engel & Völkers Franchise

Become an Engel & Völkers franchise partner

Our franchise system – your chance for success!

Are you looking for the business opportunity of a lifetime? Welcome to Engel & Völkers Franchise.

The Engel & Völkers success story began in 1977 in Germany and has been characterised by our first-class services from day one. For over 40 years, we have been offering quality brokerage services, driven by our core values competence, exclusivity and passion. Since the introduction of our shop system in 1998, we are a renowned international licensor of residential property and commercial real estate, thereby providing invaluable business opportunities to investors, strong leaders and passionate entrepreneurs around the globe. As a franchise partner with your own real estate shop, you will benefit from the security offered by our internationally proven franchise business model, our pioneering system platform – and unlimited sales opportunities. Find out more about our company and the numerous benefits of our franchise system, and discover the currently available Engel & Völkers licence areas. 

Discover our available license areas around the world

We offer local market expertise in over 900 locations worldwide, spanning across more than 30 countries. Join our team of over 15'000 people worldwide and acquire an Engel & Völkers license of your own in one of our available license areas. 

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A success story in real estate and home sales

Founded in 1977,Engel & Völkers has become a worldwide market leader in the real estate industry. We have long been innovative trailblazers in the industry, and since1998 we have continuously expanded as a real estate franchise business. As a company focused on real estate franchises, we boast 5,000 employees in over 500shops and business offices on four continents.

The comprehensive expertise and knowledge of their respective local market exhibited by each and every real estate broker we partner with ensures we can provide you with all the support required to meet the demands of clients looking for a new home.From luxury flats in New York to exclusive beach villas in Melbourne or a residence in London with plenty of privacy, our real estate franchise gives you access to local contacts and agents with professional competence and the highest levels of meticulousness needed to satisfy your clients' every desire.With an Engel & Völkers franchise, you'll find a home for your client no matter where in the world.

Join the Engel & Völkers family with a real estate franchise

The popularity of the franchising system is growing, as evidenced by the continued growth of our real estate franchises in every corner of the globe. The concept of our real estate franchise system is to share the work and strive toward success as a collection of independently operated companies. The benefits of this franchise approach are manifold, as attested by the numerous franchisees with whom we collaborate.

As a franchise owner in a company of international acclaim in the real estate industry, you benefit from our reputation and the strength of our global brand-and from our network of franchises. This ensures brand recognition for your new franchise, and you will benefit when your clients associate you with a brand based on many decades of sound experience, setting you up for long-term franchise success against competing local companies. After all, our exclusive brand attracts premium clients on the market for a new home, a fact that will helps your franchise grow quickly and profitably.

An investment in your career: set up your own franchise company with Engel & Völkers

Step into the big leagues as a broker with an investment in an Engel & Völkers real estate franchise. Enjoy being your own boss while reaping the benefits of association!Once you take on one of our franchises, we provide you with franchise support in the form of our corporate design. From your franchise's façade to the letterhead you use in your franchise's correspondence, you have access to our recognizable brand and our network of franchises. This, in turn, will greatly contribute to the success of your franchise from the moment you open for business. What's more, your marketing employees and sales agents also have access to our experience and expertise, ensuring the people who work for you are well trained and equipped with the tools they need to propel you to great heights.

Our business is your business: peruse our online merchandising shop to ascertain which of our brand services and products are best suited to fulfil your requirements, both for your team and for your franchise. You also receive a premium gift withEngel & Völkers branding, the ideal way of establishing a lasting business connection with each of your clients. Our web-based printing shop facilitates the process of developing your own marketing tools just as quickly as you can generate ideas and marketing campaigns. In short, our online services offer the best conditions to march toward success with an Engel & Völkers real estate franchise!

Contact us to get started with one of our franchises

Starting a company is an investment in your future, and our agents have all the information you need to get started. If you're ready to take your career as a broker to the next level as an independent business owner, then our real estate franchise system is right up your alley. Contact an Engel & Völkers' agent today to get all the news and information necessary to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity.

Whether you pop into one of our local offices, send an email, read our brochures, or contact us by telephone, our agents are well versed in our business model and eager to provide support as you become part of the Engel & Völkers family. We always ensure the privacy of both you and your clients. When your clients make use of your services to find a new home, you have at your disposal our many years of experience as well as our in-house services. In short, we give you the tools you need to seal the deal. We are with you every step of the way and are happy to help in any way possible. Share the work, and together we will achieve even greater success!