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Do you want to value your property and market it profitably? Then the right asking price is crucial for a quick sales success.

  • Property valuation on-site or online?
  • How is the process of a property valuation?
  • How much does the Engel & Völkers property valuation cost?
  • FAQs for property sellers

Property valuation on-site or online?

On the basis of a few individual details about your property, our online property valuation calculates an initial price estimate for your property by comparing the data of thousands of sold and offered properties. In a detailed on-site valuation by one of our real estate agents, the individual features of your property can then be taken into account, which is not the case in an online valuation.

An online property valuation is useful if:
  • you are thinking of selling your property and you would like to get an overview of the situation.
  • you would like to get an idea of how much you can expect to get for your property.
  • you are looking for a basis for further discussion with our real estate agents.
A personal on-site property valuation by a real estate agent is advisable if:
  • you would like to find out the exact value of your property, taking into account all its individual features
  • you attach great importance to transparency in the valuation of your property.
  • you would like to be provided with an individual sales strategy by our experts in order to achieve the best possible price for your property.
Property valuation on-site or online?

How is the process of a property valuation?

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You provide a description of your property to start the property valuation

Our online property valuation provides you with an initial price estimate for your property based on your entries.

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We will contact you shortly

Following your online property valuation, our real estate experts will contact you for a detailed on-site valuation.

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Property Valuation: On-site valuation without obligation

Our real estate agents will assess the value of your property transparently and free of charge on site and thus help you to determine the ideal asking price for your property.

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We will sell your property

Engel & Völkers now begins marketing your property: If you feel we are the right partner for you, we will be happy to accompany you through every further step of the sales process and market your property professionally in consultation with you.

How much does the Engel & Völkers property valuation cost?

The property valuation using our online tool and the subsequent personal valuation by our real estate agent on site is completely free of charge and without obligation for you.
And what’s best: At Engel & Völkers, all measures for the subsequent marketing of your property are already included in the broker’s commission. In contrast to many other providers, you do not pay any extra fees for the creation of virtual 3D tours or property exposes, for example!

How much does the Engel & Völkers property valuation cost?

FAQs for property sellers

How do I determine the value of my property?

There are basically two ways to determine the value of your property: On the one hand, you can get your property valuation calculated online to obtain an initial qualified assessment. In addition, you can request a personal property valuation from our real estate agents in your area, who will also take individual characteristics and features of your property into account in their valuation. Simply contact us online and we will get back to you shortly with a proposed date. Both services are of course free of charge and without obligation for you.

What factors influence the value of my property?

There are many factors that influence the price at which a property can be offered on the market. These include in particular:
  • The location of the property
  • The living area and plot size
  • The age and structural condition
  • The amenities of the property (e.g. number of rooms, pool, wine cellar or roof terrace)
  • Supply and demand in the local property market
In addition, features such as the architectural style of a building can also have a significant impact on the price of a property: Stylistic elements such as richly decorated facades or columns can further boost demand and accordingly increase the value of a property. Learn more about property price development in Germany in our overview.

What factors are taken into account in the online property valuation?

The Engel & Völkers online property valuation is based on the most important factors that influence the value of a property:
  • The type of property - is it for example a single- or two-family home or a condominium?
  • The living area and plot size
  • The year of construction
  • The macro-location - the broader surroundings and region of your property
  • The micro-location - the district/part of the municipality in which your property is located

How accurate is the online property valuation?

Online property valuation is ideal for owners to obtain an initial price estimate for their property. All you need to do is to enter some basic information such as the location and type of property. Our online valuation analyses this data and compares it with a selection of comparable properties and supplements it with local market information. The algorithm then calculates the market value range of your property from this data. The value indicated in our online valuation is, therefore, not an average value for the properties in your location. It is always based on the individual characteristics of your property.

How can I increase the value of my property?

You can take a number of measures to increase the value of your property before the sale. These include:
  • Renovation work that will aesthetically improve the appearance of the property (e.g. wallpapering, carpet laying, renovation of the exterior facades). It is usually easier finding a buyer if the property is well-tended.
  • Energy-related renovation measures (e.g. installation of new windows, heating systems, etc.) The more modern and energy-efficient a property is, the higher its value.
  • Create living space: Convert the attic or create additional living space in the basement. Special rooms like a studio or a home cinema are not only exclusive, but real highlights for potential buyers.
  • Install a security system: Invest in intrusion protection, an alarm system, light sensors or similar security measures.
  • Create a barrier-free environment: Enlarge doorways or install a stair lift. This enables you to reach a wider target group and creates additional selling points and an even better property valuation.
On our blog you will find more information on how to optimize the market value of your property and how renovation measures can help to reduce your energy costs.

How does an estate agent determine the value of my property?

There are different methods available to the real estate agent for determining the value of your home. As a rule, a distinction is made between three approaches: the sales comparison approach, the cost approach and the income approach.
  • The sales comparison approach is usually used for private residential properties, for which comparable properties exist on the market. Comparable, in this case, means that the properties are similar in terms of location, features, size and layout. The real estate agent checks what prices such comparable properties have achieved
  • The cost approach is used for residential properties for which there are too few or no comparable properties on the market. This approach involves calculating what it would cost to build the property to be valued. The property valuation is then determined by subtracting the depreciation that has occurred
  • The income approach is applied if the property is rented out or used commercially. This involves calculating how much income can be expected from the property. For this reason, this approach is of particular interest in properties that are intended to serve as capital investments.