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We put you in touch with a local expert in your market, who determines the exact market price of your house and finds the right buyer.

We put you in touch with a local expert in your market, who determines the exact market price of your house and finds the right buyer.


Do you know how much your house is currently worth? No matter if you just want to inform yourself about the current market-price, or if you wish to sell your house for the best price: our experienced marketing experts are happy to assist you with a free and non-binding valuation.

Three reasons why we are the best partner for you

8 steps, one goal – the sale of your house

1. Individual advice

2. Competent purchase price estimate

3. Exclusive marketing

4. Individual marketing concept

5. Optimum viewing planning

6. Regular reports about sale status

7. Professional contract negotiation

8. Comprehensive after-sales service

With us, you will reach the right potential buyers worldwide

Maximum reach or highest discretion – you have the choice

You decide which marketing channel you want to choose for yourself and how important the issue of discretion is to you. Thanks to the comprehensive advisory competence or our experts, you can be sure every time that the sale of your house will be a complete success.

Classic marketing

Classic, public marketing aims at selling your real estate as promptly as possible for the best possible sale price.

The unrivalled range of our marketing measures secures the maximum intensity of coverage.

Thanks to the combination of reliable offline and modern online marketing tools, we will find the best buyer promptly.

Discrete commercialisation

Our discrete marketing service is particularly suitable for prestige properties in top locations or for owners, who do not want to make their sale public.

The unique network of Engel & Völkers enables us to access solvent potential buyers in order to reach the best price for you.

Upon your request, our experienced advisers stay in touch exclusively with a handpicked circle of potential buyers, in order to guarantee maximum discretion.

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How to sell your house

Has the time come to buy a new house or sell your old house? The positive price trends on the house market can make this decision worthwhile. Many questions may arise: What is the best strategy? Should I use a real estate agent? What is the actual value of my house? Here are some tips on how to successfully sell your house as well as tips and tricks on how to bring about the desired result.

Particularities that apply to the sale of houses

When selling a house, you can reach a broad target group because the relatively low purchase price also means that it is relatively easy for potential buyers to find financing. Some potential buyers are looking for rental properties for investment purposes. If a freehold house in an apartment building is to be sold, a number of questions arise, for example: “What belongs exclusively to me and what is decided by the owner’s association?” The advantage in this case is that the house management will handle organisational matters such as garden maintenance in communal areas, repairs, etc.

Sole ownership or joint ownership?

What is explained in the German Condominium Act in a rather complicated manner in simple terms means: Sole ownership extends to areas used exclusively by the house owner, i.e. the house itself, as well as potentially a garage. Joint ownership extends to all communal areas, for example the staircase, roof, as well as common supply lines. The declaration of division specifies which parts of the house are owned individually and which are covered by joint ownership. This information should be made available to potential buyers, as many potential buyers want to know what decisions they can make on their own and what decisions can only be made collectively by the owner’s association. Your real estate agent can help you access this relevant information. A decision reached collectively by the owner’s association must be borne financially by all, even if you voted against it personally. That is why the joint ownership factor is relevant and should be analysed in detail if you want to sell your house.

What is your house worth?

When it comes to this key question, you should ask an expert such as a real estate agent or specialised assessor to determine the value of your property. Apart from the location, there are also other factors influencing the selling price, such as the condition, size, furnishings and year of construction. It also matters whether your property is being rented out and how big the reserves are that the owner’s association has accrued for future maintenance work. A professional real estate agent will be able to determine the realistic value of your house for you.

Should you sell the property with or without a tenant in residence?

If you want to sell a property that is tenanted, this generally leads to a lower selling price. The existing tenancy will remain in place and cannot be ended by the new owner unless the property is required for own use. Another option: Ask your tenant if he is interested in buying the house himself or offer him a settlement amount if he moves out.

Give your house a facelift

Ask your real estate agent whether extensive renovation work is necessary, as this depends largely on the house itself, its location and the target group. As a rule: The more upmarket the house, the greater the likelihood that the buyer is prepared to pay for upgrades. Under certain circumstances, it suffices to only renovate selectively. A fresh coat of paint on the walls will definitely leave a good impression with potential buyers.

Gather all the documents needed for the sale of your house

Potential buyers expect a full range of clearly organised documents, so you should have everything ready in time for the viewings. Your real estate agent will request the most important documents from you and get them ready for potential buyers. Apart from attractive photos of the property (ideally taken by a professional photographer), you should also be able to present an appealing exposé, the abstract of title, the declaration of division and the energy certificate. This, too, is handled by your real estate agent. In practice, it’s always best to have a professional real estate agent by your side, as he will be able to effectively approach all the right target groups and ensure that you avoid potential pitfalls. The experts at Engel & Völkers will gladly support you with the sale of your house.

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Engel & Völkers

Vancouverstraße 2a | 20457 Hamburg
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Engel & Völkers

Vancouverstraße 2a | 20457 Hamburg
+49(0)40 36 13 10
+49(0)40 36 13 12 22
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